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General Election

Register to vote by the 18th of June

Register to Vote Now

Make sure you register to vote by the 18th of June at 11:59pm. You can register online here.

Going Home on the Election Date?

If you are a UK student who has two addresses, you can register at both addresses but can only vote at one. If you are going home over the election date, you can apply to vote by post if you wanted to vote in London rather than your hometown. There are different reasons people choose where to vote, one reason might be because voting for a certain party might have more impact in different constituencies.

Are you an International Student?

If you an international student, you may be able to vote in the UK General Election! There's a whole list of countries in the Commonwealth, whose residents are allowed to vote when living in England. You can read more information on it here and see the list of qualifying countries. You can easily check if you can vote with the 'Can I Vote' checker.

Students make up a huge percentage of the voting population. You have the power to make real change.

How to Vote

The UK General Election will be held on the 4th July 2024. You can go to your local polling station to vote in person, or apply to vote by proxy here or by post here. The deadline to apply to vote by post is the 18th of June and to apply to vote by proxy is the 26th of June.

Make Sure you Have Valid Photo ID

Polling stations will only accept valid photo ID, so make sure you have the right ID or you won't be able to vote. You can see what's accepted here. If you need ID, you can get a free voter ID from your local council, found out how here. NUS also offer free citizen cards, you need to apply by the 20th of June to have it on time.

Who do I Vote For?

Each party will release their manifestos in the lead up to the election. We will link resources here on where to find them. 


Work that is submitted after the deadline, without an extension or mitigating circumstances, will have the mark limited, based on how late it is:


  • Late up to 10 days from the deadline: the element mark will be capped at the pass mark.
  • Late over 10 days from the deadline: the piece of work will be recorded as a non-submission, and you’ll need to resit/retake.