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Tuesday 15-05-2018 - 10:17

Your Guide To Mitigration!

This can be a difficult time of year, and you may have things going on that are preventing you from studying, attending an exam or being at your best. If you are experiencing circumstances beyond your control that you couldn’t reasonably have foreseen, UWL has a mitigation process that you can go through, and the Students’ Union can help you prepare your mitigation application if you feel like you need that support – or even just a sense check.

How to complete a mitigation claim
If you want to complete a mitigation claim, you can go through the process yourself if you feel confident about it. You can complete this form and send it along with evidence to support your mitigation to – it will then be looked at by the University’s Mitigation Panel.

We have a mitigation guide above which explains the process in a little more detail, however evidence might include a letter from a GP or hospital admittance records for an illness, a letter from a counsellor, a letter from a landlord, or a death certificate in the event of a bereavement.


What circumstances can I mitigate for?

The university lists these circumstances as mitigating circumstances, but there may be other exceptional circumstances not on this list:

  1.    ill-health – physical or mental; 

b.      severe financial hardship, i.e. over and above that experienced by all students;

c.      emotional/personal difficulties – e.g. bereavement;

d.      disability i.e. where the student’s disability comes to light for the first time at assessment;

e.      unavoidable absence from the University – e.g. unforeseen requirements of employer;

f.       unavoidable absence from domicile – e.g. eviction;

g.      other serious circumstances which could not be foreseen by the student.


How long do I have to submit?

You have up to 10 working days after the date of an assessment/s to submit a mitigation.

You can submit after 10 working days, but you must explain why your mitigation is being submitted late, and you cannot submit a mitigation after an assessment board has taken place and your marks have been published. If this is the case for you, we recommend coming to one of our drop-ins to talk about your options.


What happens then?

The university’s Mitigation Team will check your mitigation and, if you have submitted your form and evidence which clearly matches the dates of your assessment, your mitigation will be taken to a Mitigation Panel – these are currently happening about twice a month. Once the Mitigation Panel has made a decision, you will receive a letter telling you the outcome.


If you need more advice
If you feel as though you need to speak to an SU advisor before submitting mitigation, UWLSU Advice runs a drop-in service which means that you can come and see us during the week at a time and location that suits you most. We are currently very busy in the service, therefore we recommend attending a morning drop-in to avoid long wait times. We are running drop-ins at the following times and locations during the week:

·         Monday: 2pm - 4pm: at SMR and Paragon 

·         Tuesday: 11am - 1pm and 2pm to 5.30pm: at SMR and Paragon 

·         Wednesday: 2pm - 4pm: at SMR and Paragon 

·         Thursday: 11am - 1pm and 2pm to 4pm: at SMR and Paragon 

·         Friday: 11am - 1pm and 2pm to 4pm: at SMR and Paragon 

Where to find us

At the St Mary’s Road Campus you can find us at the SU in The Park Building

At Paragon we at the SU on the 2nd Floor

Or you can call our service during the drop-in times on 0208 231 2276

If you print off and complete this form before you attend a drop-in and bring it with you – it will help us to process your case more quickly.

If you need any more help please check our website for any information. 

Don’t hesitate to get in contact for any help. 


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