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Your Businesses

Stuck for buying presents and want to buy from smaller businesses to help support them this lockdown? Take a look at our own students’ businesses or submit your small business here!

We have a widely talented bank of students here at UWL, and we really value the hard work and time that students put into their own projects and businesses. It’s not easy to set up a business and continue to make this a success, so we wanted to help and support these students as best as we can by helping them to promote them.

How to submit your business

Simply click new idea below and complete the necessary fields, we will then take a look at your small business proposal and will look at including this for you!

Rules for submission

This is for small businesses that students and staff run alongside their studies/work here at UWL, if you’re a larger business then please consider this.


I am a staff member, can I still submit my business?

Yes, please do. The more variety, the better!

My store fits into a variety of the categories, can I choose all of them that I suit?

Yes, if you make handmade jewellery for instance, then choose both tags!

Why are you doing this?

With lockdown happening, this is having a significant effect on start-up & smaller businesses. With this in mind, we want to showcase our student and staff businesses so you can all have the opportunity to:

  1. Encourage more business and encourage more custom
  2. Showcase our students talent
  3. Select from a wide range of smaller businesses
Why should I purchase from students’ small businesses?

By choosing to purchase from our students’ own businesses, you will be helping your peers by supporting them during the early phases of their business – which will effectively allow their businesses to grow, and give them a better chance for their business to survive through the unfortunate hardship that this pandemic has caused.