A small fund is available (up to £500 per proposal) from the University of West London Students’ Union to promote students working in partnership with the SU in an innovative way. The funding will be awarded by the student’s union and managed under the supervision of the Events and Participation Manager.

Your proposal should show how you’re going to meet the criteria below.

Your event should:

• Benefit students
• Promote equality and diversity
• Promote a stronger community and belonging spirit at the university
• Showcase and demonstrate innovative student enterprise
• Show that students are working as partners with the students’ union
• Be student-led
• Demonstrate a return on investment (if any initial funding is required).

Presentation criteria

If you are selected to come and present your idea in more detail to the panel, you presentation must be no longer than 30 minutes and explain the following points:
• What the event is about
• Why you have chosen to focus on this type of event
• An outline of how the event will run
• Resources you need and how they will be used
• A budget proposal
• Targets
• How it meets the event proposal criteria (above)

The presentation panel will normally consist of: the students’ union (SU) president, the vice-president student activities and participation, and a full time SU staff member. The panel will be convened after the proposal deadline to respond to initiatives. The panel’s decision shall be final.

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