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The reward for being active.

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The reward for being active

What is Moves+? 

The Moves+ app can be downloaded on your phone to track your activity and earn rewards from the SU! It can connect to your fitness tracker, whether that’s Apple Health or a Fitbit, so all your activity will count. There are loads of rewards, like a free hot drink, food discounts and even UWLSU merch! It is completely free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

You can also connect with your friends and complete challenges to earn even more points. 


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How to Sign Up 

  1. Download the “Moves+” app from the app store (IOS or Android) 
  1. Choose UWLSU from the list of institutions 

  1. Sign up using your UWL student email address 

  1. Wait for your verification email 

  1. Connect to your fitness tracker 

  1. Get moving and earn points!! 



Does it cost money?

Nope! Moves+ is 100% free. No ifs, no buts, no catches!

How do I redeem a reward?

Please read the terms and conditions of the reward itself, however the platform supports two ways to claim a reward:

Merchant Claim Follow the instructions, after pressing claim you will be prompted to hand your device to the salesperson you are redeeming the reward from, who will click to say the reward has been claimed.

Code Claim On claiming the reward, a unique code will be revealed. Instructions will be given on how to use the code to claim your reward.

What rewards are available?

We have a range of rewards you can redeem from UWLSU including Merchandise, Food and Drink and UWLSU Moves clothing.

Contact details

Please contact us about any queries or concerns.

020 8231 2276