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The reward for being active.

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The UWLSU Moves+ is an app that rewards you for being active! It allows students to record how active they are and connect with other individuals who also want to increase their physical activity levels. 

If you’re walking to lectures, going for a swim, going for a run, or cycling to campus you can earn points!  You can then redeem your points for Rewards such as coffee, snacks or a discount offer.  Some of these will be redeemable in the Coffee Union and some will be available in Reading.  You can also save your points and redeem a GYM Class or Day Pass, or some UWLSU Moves merch, T-shirts, Water Bottles or a Hoodie!  Some Challenges and Rewards will only be available at specific locations so check the details for more info.

The app is completely FREE!!  All you need to do is download the 'Moves +' app to your devices from your App Store and create an account using your UWL email address and UWL Student Number. 

You can even connect with other students through Challenges, Groups and earn Badges plus if you refer a friend and they sign up you get some FREE points!!!

What does the app offer?


CHALLENGES: Compete in a range of activity challenges with your friends, such as running, swimming, walking and cycling to earn additional points and prizes - more information can be found within the app! 

Challenges will be updated on a regular basis and will be short, medium and long-term - so there really is something for everyone!? 

GROUPS: Be social on Moves+ by inviting your friends, creating private groups and working together to achieve group goals. 

BADGES: Earn a badge for completing a range of milestones within the app.? 

If you have any questions or queries about UWLSU Moves, please contact us via email or call via 020 8231 2276.

How to sign up to Moves+



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  1. Search and download the ‘Moves+’ App from your app store (IOS or Android), or find the app in the links below:
    Download Moves+ for Apple 
    Download Moves+ for Android 

  2. Enter your details (make sure you use your email address)

  3. Follow the steps to create your profile. 

  4. Connect your fitness tracker. 

  5. Once your tracker is connected, your points will update automatically. 

  6. Get Moving and earn points. (Walk, Run, Cycle or Swim) 

  7. Collect your rewards! 

  8. Repeat……… 



Does it cost money? 

No, UWLSU Moves is completely free!  The platform was created purely to help motivate students to stay active during their busy schedules. 

What types of activity can I track? 

Walking, Running, Cycling and Swimming. 
Please see the FAQs for devices that are able to track swimming 

What fitness tracker can I connect to UWLSU Moves? 

You can connect several free apps on your phone or wearable fitness trackers.  A list of compatible devices can be found in the FAQs section on the UWLSU Moves app. 

What rewards are available? 

We have a range of rewards you can redeem from UWLSU including Merchandise, Food and Drink and UWLSU Moves clothing. 

How do I redeem a reward? 

Please read the terms and conditions of the reward itself, however the platform supports two ways to claim a reward: 

Merchant Claim 

Follow the instructions, you will be prompted on pressing claim to hand your device to the salesperson you are redeeming the reward from.  They will confirm receipt of the claim on your device. 

Code Claim 

On claiming the reward, a unique code will be revealed.  Instructions will be given on how to use the code to claim your reward. 

Contact details

Please contact us about any queries or concerns.

020 8231 2276